Why Is Deep Breathing So Beneficial?

The breath creates harmony as it syncs the mind, body, and soul - joining all facets of your being into a single force. Deep breathing has presented such historical benefits because it relies on one of the most organic substances in the world. Nature is an unspoiled environment; free from pollution, electromagnetic frequencies, and stress-inducing behaviors. Nature is free. It is peace. The physiological benefits that come from enveloping yourself in such a tranquil space spill over to contribute to your mental and emotional wellness. That is why deep breathing is so beneficial. The Long-Term Effect of a Deep Breathing Practice By increasing the frequency of your trips into nature, you’ll begin to witness the long-term benefits of breathing in fresh air. In respect to your mental health, routine deep breathing out in the wild presents lasting stress-relief on your mind and body. Before long, any lingering anxiety you hold will all but disappear. With your mood improved, you’ll benefit from a clear mind and it’ll eventually become easier for you to focus. Your energy will increase, and you’...

Why Is Air So Important? : Healing Yourself With Each Breath

For thousands of years, civilizations have benefited from the restorative properties of fresh, unspoiled oxygen. Societies thrived while breathing in the air that cycled through their lungs after being stirred from the depths of forests, hills and valleys, and serene mountaintops. Today, we don’t get to spend as much time in nature as our ancestors. Living in highly developed cities, each breath we take is tainted with toxins, smog, smoke, and other pollutants. If we take a page from the ancient practices our forefathers once enjoyed, we’d learn about the magical properties of the invisible healer better known as air. Healing that Goes By Many Names Every culture honors the practice differently, but the preface remains the same. Nature contains the elements we need to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. The more we build up our cities and towns, the less these terpenes become available. A deadly domino effect takes over from there. It’s time to retrain your body to remember the elemental therapy it’s designed to depend on. Make time to detach from the concrete jungle and find your...

Meditation Can Change Your Life

When you hear the word ‘meditation’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It is often associated with prayers, religion, and spirituality - but that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. In its entirety, meditation is simply a way of living. It is a daily practice that holds the power to completely transform your life. Despite everything you’ve seen in the movies and on TV, there are no set rules for meditation. It is - and can be - anything you see fit. Meditation is a very personal practice that’s developed from the inside out. You can sit or stand, play music or rest in silence. Do whatever you need to do to calm your mind and turn your attention inward. When you really think about it, meditation is nothing more than being with yourself. It calls for you to become empty; releasing all thought, stress, and distractions. Meditation invites you to explore what’s known as the “great void”. That is, the space where nothing exists, yet all things live. Silent, mystical, and joyous beyond limits. When you find it, it’ll quickly become the most beautiful place you have ever been. The discover...