Coconut Oil: The Versatile Oil For All Your Healthcare Needs

Since the times of the ancients, coconut oil has been preferred in cultures around the world. It’s been used in a variety of things, from cooking and hair care to aromatherapy and skin care - and everything in between. Its benefits have transcended generations and many of us still use this very versatile oil to nourish us today. Surprisingly enough, there are still a lot of people who are unaware of the significant benefits of coconut oil. Pull up a chair and grab a pencil, it’s time for ZENSE to take you back to school! Don’t be shocked, but you probably won’t find a list of these healing perks in the grocery store. Sadly, this miracle oil is passed by thousands of people each day, skipped over in favor of artificial alternatives that don’t produce a fraction of the same benefits. First thing’s first, it’s important for you to know the difference between the various forms of coconut oil on the market. It’ll help you understand why ZENSE chose this special oil to work with in our aromatherapy diffusers. Fractionated coconut oil, as it is called, will remain in a liquid state, unlike more com...