The Healing Arts: Using Essential Oils and Crystals Together

It’s virtually impossible to mark the point in time when essential oils and crystals were first appreciated for their mystical healing abilities. For eons, civilizations have used these ancient tools to help people live long, healthy, enriching lives. Together, they offer levels of awareness that surpasses all stress and concern. One may even go as far as to suggest that this heavenly combination is responsible for the most magnificent advancements we’ve ever seen in the world. While some of its power remains unproven, experts have revealed that this enchanting duo presents a myriad of benefits. It’s been proven that essential oils and crystals work together to create a therapeutic experience. The result is a level of cognizance that can help you deal with life’s ups and downs while remaining calm, carefree, and productive. How do they do it? Essential oils and crystals form the perfect union by stimulating your mind, body and spirit at two different levels. Through visual and olfactory sensory, their wonderful colors and enchanting aromas transform the vibrational energy and aura of your e...