Paleo Air – Breathe Clean, Fresh Air from the Past

With life ever stressful and processed foods becoming the norm, the Paleo diet or caveman diet as it is often called provides a fresh look at the type of nutrition that would have been utilised a long time ago. The ideology is to turn away from processed foods and to rekindle the diet of man’s early ancestors. But the Paleo concept can go much deeper than this. It is of course about the traditional methods of gathering food and reconnecting with nature, but there is an emphasis on breathing in fresh, pure air. Known as Paleo Air, to understand it, we must quite simply turn back time. The Paleolithic period occurred around two million years ago. At this time, early man lived off the land hunting and gathering rather than living as farmers. Their diet consisted of fruits, nuts, vegetables and game without any grains. Following this time period, agriculture and early farming practices began and life for man changed considerably. In modern times, the dependency on grain has grown – consider wheat bread, pasta, rice or corn but in addition to these dietary changes, our lifestyles generally are ver...