100% Organic Blends

It only takes smooth, steady breaths to enjoy the effects of your
favourite ZENSE blends:

Reveal your new ZENSE diffuser by sliding it out of its packaging.

Place your lips around the mouthpiece.

Gently draw breath into your mouth, stopping your inhalation before it enters your lungs.

Hold the mist in your mouth for a few short seconds.

Release while breathing out through your nose.

With moderate use, you can expect to enjoy approximately 300 breaths from your ZENSE diffuser. If you use the device even less than the average of 2-3 breaths peruse, a single portable diffuser may last for up to 30 days. No matter your preference, we recommend up to 3 uses per day to maintain the potency of the aromatherapy.

Adapting to Innovation

The concept of enjoying portable aromatherapy diffusers is one that some are still working to accept. ZENSE is designed to do more than fill your olfactory bulb with scented mist. We aim to deliver a satisfying sensory experience through the use of quality organic blends.

Miracle Exhalations

Throughout history, the breath has been credited for incredible healing properties. We advise our users to exhale ZENSE blends through the nose, rather than the mouth. This variation in your breath allows the molecules dancing around in the mist created from our oils to trigger the entrance to your olfactory system found in your nose. Research shows that this is the best way to experience the sensational effects of our aromatic blends. Within 5 minutes, you’ll start to feel the effects reach its peak.
Even though the experience is quite enjoyable, we advise users to pace out each session. After a few gentle breaths, give your body some time to adapt to the therapy. By spacing out each use, you’ll better maintain the overall effects stimulated by ZENSE blends.

Use ZENSE Your Way

Everyone’s tastes and desired results are different. We take pride in delivering powerful blends that release lasting effects. In the beginning, we advise you to test out your blend with a small practice breath, to gauge your body’s response. Many of our users discover that they need far less than they thought. We’ve developed intense recipes that combine layers of therapeutic oils. You’ll find that, with time, your experience unveils into a deep, transformative moment.

With moderate use, ZENSE portable diffusers will last most users for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Depending on your intake, you can expect to enjoy at least 300 breaths from your ZENSE device.Please note that you can always control the intensity of your ZENSE experience. If you’d like to reduce your intake, simply use your finger as a filter to sift through the mist as you inhale. Doing this will also multiply the life of your diffuser, causing it to last for about 30 days or more. Users who indulge in ZENSE blends more often than most can expect to exhaust their device sooner. Some have reported that they loved the blend so much, they devoured it in only 100 powerful breaths. While we appreciate the fact that ZENSE is so enjoyed, we don’t recommend such aggressive consumption.

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