Quality Construction Delivers Superior Products

Our primary focus is to deliver a supreme aromatherapy experience to all of our users. With all the time and attention invested into developing the perfect ZENSE blends, constructing superior portable diffusers was the final step in the equation.
Let us answer a few common questions to tell you all about the innovative technology that makes the ZENSE experience possible.

The Diffuser

Crafted out of quality 304 stainless steel, we’ve designed a lightweight, yet the durable case that completes our user’s experience. We’ve highlighted each ZENSE blend with a layer of nontoxic paint, all of which is certified lead-free. Stamped with the name of your favourite blend, we’ve also highlighted its main ingredients on the body’s exterior.

The Power

Each portable aromatherapy diffuser is powered by small, but mighty .0004-gram recyclable lithium-ion batteries. Registering at a 210mAh capacity, we’ve tested our batteries for efficiency and we’re pleased by the way our devices warm your favourite ZENSE blends. Withstanding temperatures up to around 120° C, we’ve put extra measures in place to make sure the battery is protected from the diffuser’s heat source. These added safety measures prevent the risk of sparks or combustion. Rarely, devices may be activated so often that the diffuser begins to overheat. If this happens, simply leave it on a solid non-flammable surface (stone, tile, or similar materials) and allow the device to cool down.

The Heat Source

Our devices raise ZENSE blends to approximately 215°C using nickel chromium resistance wire. Silica threads form a wick between the essential oil blend and the heat source. As you gently inhale, you’ll draw approximately 0.0033 mL of the essential oils into the heating chamber.

The Testing Process

Each device has earned a seal of approval from the FCC. This means that you can safely enjoy ZENSE blends without fearing the effects of electromagnetic interference. Conversely, if there is an electromagnetic interference around, it will not affect your device’s performance.

The Manufacturing Process

ZENSE takes pride in relying on ethical sourcing and manufacturing methods for all of our devices. Even as we partner with global manufacturing companies, we only choose those who share our passion for maintaining an ethical operation. Each manufacturer must pass extensive testing and approval processes hosted by third-party auditors. In doing so, we maintain the integrity of ZENSE and its partners and ensure the safety of our products for our customers. From assembly to distribution, we maintain standards that align with our values. We guarantee that adult labourers in international facilities are limited to 8 hour workdays and everyone is properly trained in health and safety requirements.

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