What is the best way to use my portable diffuser?

Our all-natural blends are best enjoyed by inhaling through the mouth, then gently exhaling through your nose. Our portable diffusers are designed to be convenient and refreshing. Start your experience by mimicking the actions of drinking a milkshake through a straw. The only difference is our products don’t contain artificial ingredients or GMOs.

For the most pleasurable sensation, concentrate on stopping the inhalation inside your mouth, not your lungs. Everything in our natural recipe is safe to inhale into the lungs, but our researchers believe the active terpenes in each blend can be a little less effective if they’re absorbed. So, just inhale while using your tongue and pharynx, then begin a steady exhalation to release the essence of cooling, calming, invigorating aromatherapy.

How many breaths can I get from my personal diffuser?

The answer to this question all depends on how much you fall in love with our blends. For most users, the portable diffuser has a lifespan of about 300 breaths. On average, you can expect to hold on to each blend for about 30 days. That is unless you really love it.

Overall, you’ll probably be pleased with anywhere from 2-3 breaths spread through a few hours in the day. With a diverse inventory of satisfying blends, there’s a good chance that you’ll want more but you’ll be surprised by how far a few soft breaths can go.

Because we use high quality ingredients, our essential oils last much longer than some generic brands. Since you aren’t actually inhaling the blends, you won’t draw in very much with each breath.

If you happen to be someone who’s considerably sensitive to stimulation like aromatherapy, then you’ll probably use even less. Just use your finger as a makeshift spacer before placing your mouth on the device. Doing this could almost double your breaths!

Are portable diffusers the same as vaporizers?

While some of the concepts are fairly similar, our products are not exactly the same as e-cigarettes or personal vapes. Our essential oils are diffused through a specially developed vaporizer technology, delivering subtle, yet satisfying aromatherapy treatments. We have 6 different blends in our inventory but, unlike e-Cigs, all are free of tobacco, nicotine, GMOs, and artificial ingredients. When we say safe and all-natural, we mean it.

Each blend is made of 100% organic plant-based essential oils, and they’re all vegan / vegetarian friendly!

Make sure to check out “What is the best way to use my portable diffuser?” to learn some helpful tips.

Note: We do advise that our products only be enjoyed by users over 18 years old. Users that are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from asthma or any form of pulmonary illness should not use essential oil diffusers. Some of the natural ingredients in our blends are cautioned by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy for those who fall in the above categories.

Can I find these essential oil diffusers in stores?

We are pleased to announce that our personal diffusers will be available at a variety of retailers across the globe.

Where can I find coupons or discount codes?

We love our products so much and we know you will too. That’s why we’re offering the code “N101N” to give you a discount on your first order. If you’re interested in placing a large order for resell, feel free to contact us for more information.

Can I reuse my personal diffuser?

In the near future, you’ll be able to refill your diffusers with all your favourite blends. We’re actively working to continue our mission to develop a sustainable eco-friendly brand. In the meantime, we’ll gladly handle your recycling. Check out the details of our specialized program on by following this link.


Is it safe to heat essential oils?

Although our portable aromatherapy diffusers are made using innovative technology, the art of heating essential oils to stimulate sensory responses is a practice that dates back to ancient times. You can trace the healing history of plants like lavender, eucalyptus, and ginger root back to civilizations that extracted oils by heating over by open flames. Today, our device is no different from the variety of diffusers and devices that help you benefit from aromatherapy at home. ZENSE simply developed a way to allow our users to enjoy it on the go.

Is it safe to inhale essential oils?

The act of inhaling the essence of natural oils is exactly what aromatherapy is. Using your olfactory system, the mind adapts to the responses encouraged by each scent. When you use essential oils in your linens, while bathing, or in your body products, the goal is to inhale to experience its effects.
Using the same methodology, ZENSE works to your benefit. Even still, you can reduce how much mist you take in by using your finger as a filter. Also, our research shows that the terpenes in ZENSE are most effective if they are not inhaled into the lungs. Keeping the mist in your mouth, then exhaling through your nose makes the effects most recognizable.

How concentrated are ZENSE essential oils?

If they are not diluted, concentrated essential oils can be harmful. Pure oils are too strong to come in direct contact with the skin and they certainly should not be ingested into the body. To guarantee our product’s safety, we’ve developed a custom blend composed of 80% plant-based glycerin supported by 20% of our organically grown essential oils. Breathing the blend through your portable aromatherapy diffuser only disperses about 0.0003 ml with each breath. We’ve developed this formula to completely eliminate the potential harm that could come from coming in contact with essential oils in high concentrations.

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