A Scientific Look Inside ZENSE

Understanding the scientific power of plants

Our all-natural blends trigger sensational responses, thanks to the help of the terpenes released from our all-natural plant-based recipes. Carrying the fragrance of organic essential oils, terpenes and secondary metabolites transmit coded messages to your senses, delivering a pleasing effect on the body.

Learning how the brain responds
to olfactory stimulation

‘Scent’ is like the skeleton key that unlocks the many memories, emotions, and beliefs housed in your brain. Those transformative terpenes use scent to awaken olfactory neurons in your body.
Inhaling the fragrance of a ZENSE blend applies the data extracted from certain scents and transmits its message to the olfactory connection in your brain. The brain then acts as a central command centre that shares the message with other areas that control your body’s physical reactions. As a result, essential oils can impact your emotions, creating an enlightening experience just by breathing them in.

Merging the power of aromatherapy with your
body’s natural response

ZENSE blends seamlessly tap into your body’s affection for the positive memories and emotions tied to certain scents. In the same way, terpenes share codes sent by plants in nature, essential oil therapy is transmitted by our personal aromatherapy diffusers.

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