The De-Viral Box is Australia’s first UVC Mask Sterilizer, ideal for multiple uses and quick sanitation of everyday items.

While N95 mask shortages continue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for all people to protect and care for themselves. Zense Air Sensor is an incredibly easy-to-use tool that helps you ensure your mask is clean and safe before you put it on. No more guessing – you can now confidently adorn your mask and walk in stride.


The De-Viral Box is one of the most effective ways of sanitising your reusable mask, house keys, cell phone, wallet and any other item that you use on a daily basis. Did you know that items such as car keys and phones are often 10 times dirtier than the average toilet seat? If this is something that makes your skin crawl, it just may be the time to invest in the De-Viral Box.

The De-Viral Box can be used as it is for your mask, or switched into handheld mode for sanitising other items such as pillows, dishware and so much more. It kills Up to 99.9% of Germs, Virus and other contaminants that may be on your mask and daily items.

Sterilised your items in a matter of just a few minutes. Not only does your mask come out clean,
but you can ensure that it is dry and ready to be used immediately.

The De-Viral Box has multiple uses – think beyond just your reusable mask. Ideal for
cutlery, knives, cutting boards, pillows – you name it, the De-Viral Box can sanitise it!

Magnetic stick surface allows you to attach the De-Viral Box onto surfaces such as your laptop, fridge, wardrobe and car.


Jennifer Clarens - Verified Buyer


"It’s a nice box. The shade is smooth. Easy to operate, good size. Perfect to sterilize my mask but also other items. Get a extra prevetion for my family. It is ideal to have during this pandemic."

Carl Rens - Verified Buyer


"This UV light sanitizer is very easy to use. The instructions aren’t too hard and it’s charging method is very simple. It’s price is very affordable and reasonable. It’s also very easy to clean. I would recommend this to people!"

Paul Larens - Verified Buyer


"UVC is safe for everything, so I've been sanitizing everything ... from my face mask, cell phone, to my keys, wallet, and glasses. Great customer service as well."

Raymond Moniz - Verified Buyer


"Easy to use. Very simple construction. Very good looking."

ZENSE scoured the globe for the highest quality botanical blends for the Zense Mask, sourced from exotic lands and bordered by rich ocean shores.

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