Protect Your Mask with our Multi-Purpose UV Light Steriliser Box

Infused with a blend of Essential Oils

Introducing Australia’s First UV Light

Mask Steriliser with Aromatherapy

Visual Disinfection – Aromatherapy Function

Aromatherapy Sterilising Box

Start your day on a relaxing note – sanitise your mask and objects whilst breathing in the fresh scent of therapeutic Essential Oils.

Touch Language Broadcast

Comprehensive Disinfection

UV Sterilisation

UV Sterilisation Multi-Object Disinfection

UV Sterilsation Wireless Phone Charging

UV Sterilisation Essential Oils

[3mins to Disinfect] Sanitise your belongings in under 3 minutes with a disinfection rate of up to 99.99%. Featuring a reflective glass bottom and a silicone support bracket for quick and easy sterilisation.

[Multi-Purpose] 8 pieces of UV-C LED bulbs built inside generate a 260-280nm ultraviolet wavelength (UV-C beams) to penetrate and disrupt DNA&RNA of germs. Use to disinfect manicure set, hair salon scissors, dental  tools ,baby pacifiers, personal toys, glasses and so much more.

[Compact and Lightweight] Weighing in at a mere 14.8oz and 8 inches wide, the sanitisation box is compact, easy to store and equally easier to carry around.

[Certified] FCC certified and FDA approved.

[Warranty] Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Multiple Functional Uses

Voice Broadcast Function

When the machine’s anti-virus / aromatherapy button is pressed, the voice prompt function is enabled to remind you of the work in progress. The machine prompts you as soon as sanitisation is complete.

Advanced Technology: By using ultraviolet light (ultraviolet C), 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould can be effectively killed.

Built-in Safe Function: You can set the disinfection time according to your needs, 10 minutes for watches, jewelry, etc .; 20 minutes for mobile phones and other electronic products; 30 minutes for toothbrushes, makeup brushes and other personal care products. The UV light turns off automatically when you open the lid, keeping you safe from UV rays.

Portable: At just 300g, the UV sanitisation box is discreet, compact and portable.

User-Friendly Design: Charge your phone at the same time you are sanitising it!

Wide Application: Perfect for a wide range of objects including nail clippers, tweezers, salon scissors and tattoo needles.

Simultaneous Disinfection & Charging

Aromatherapy Function

Drop essential oils into the aromatherapy component inside the box, close the lid, and press the “aromatherapy” button to start.

UV Germicidal Lamp

With a service life of more than 10,000 hours, the UV Germicidal Lamp is the same sterilisation technology used in clinics and hospitals.

UV Sterilisation Principle

The principle is to destroy and change the DNA structure of microorganisms through ultraviolet irradiation. This ensures that bacteria is killed and unable to reproduce, thus the term “sterilisation”.

Jennifer Clarens - Verified Buyer


"It’s a nice box. The shade is smooth. Easy to operate, good size. Perfect to sterilize my mask but also other items. Get a extra prevetion for my family. It is ideal to have during this pandemic."

Carl Rens - Verified Buyer


"This UV light sanitizer is very easy to use. The instructions aren’t too hard and it’s charging method is very simple. It’s price is very affordable and reasonable. It’s also very easy to clean. I would recommend this to people!"

Paul Larens - Verified Buyer


"UVC is safe for everything, so I've been sanitizing everything ... from my face mask, cell phone, to my keys, wallet, and glasses. Great customer service as well."

Raymond Moniz - Verified Buyer


"Easy to use. Very simple construction. Very good looking."

ZENSE scoured the globe for the highest quality botanical blends for the Zense Mask, sourced from exotic lands and bordered by rich ocean shores.

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