Our top selling aromatherapy weighted blankets will have you sleeping like a baby. That’s our guarantee.

Introducing Australia’s #1 Aromatherapy Scented Blanket.

Made with 100% natural dried Lavender, our unique Zense weighted blankets don’t just feel good – they smell good too. We combine deep pressure touch which has been proven to improve sleep quality and the oh-so-calming properties of Lavender to create the best blanket in the whole world!

Available in 2 sizes, the Zense Aromatherapy blanket is perfect for adults and children. NO Chemicals, NO additives, just dried Lavender Flowers and the heavenly sleep that you have been dreaming of.

Why Weighted Blankets?

~ ~ ~

Weighted Blankets offer deep pressure stimulation that has been found to create a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. In today’s stressful world, winding down can be difficult. This is why our team at Zense have made it our mission to transform your life, one sleep at a time.

Why Lavender?

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Lavender works as an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) to increase relaxation and calm, and help bring about sleep. Lavender is a natural sleep aid that has been used for centuries, promoting deep and quality slumber to people all around the world.

Lavender Benefits

Lavender is a plant that is easily identified by its sweet and distinct floral scent. Believed to be native to the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and India it has a history dating as far back as 2,500 years.

Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of lavender, it may also improve asthma and breathing symptoms. There have been studies that identify the potential antifungal activity of lavender and its effect in inhibiting the growth of certain types of fungus, such as C. albicans.

Most importantly, Lavender has been used as a remedy for sleep for as long as we can remember, making it one of the most popular remedies for insomnia and restless sleep.

Charles Fisher - Verified Buyer

13 June 2020


"Very very nice"

"Great quality blanket with a great lavender scent…always wanted a weighted blanket glad I got this. Sleeping like a rock now."

Christina Turnbull - Verified Buyer

13 June 2020


"Family loves it"

"Arrived in a few days and customer service was great and informed me at every stage of delivery. Kids love the smell and love cuddling up with me in bed. Will be getting the kids version for them today.."

Marcus Easom - Verified Buyer

11 June 2020


"Good weight for kids"

"Got the 2.5kg blanket for my restless kids…got to say they have been getting to sleep much faster and easier, leaving me some relaxation time with the wife and dog in the evenings. Thanks."

Celeste Anderson - Verified Buyer

9 June 2020


"Great blanket"

"Excellent quality, and will be buying another one for my sister this week. Love the smell and delivery was very quick. Wonderful."

Isabella Stuart - Verified Buyer

2 June 2020


"Helps me fall asleep in minutes"

"Always wanted a weighted blanket, but so glad this one is both weighted and scented. Makes my room feel like a spa. Always fall asleep in minutes when using this blanket."

Albert Walters - Verified Buyer

1 June 2020


"Prompt delivery and good quality"

"I purchased 2 of these blankets, one for myself and one for my son. He said it’s one of the best blankets he has ever used. I have the same opinion on mine. My wife loves it as well, she said her sleep has been much better since using the Zense blanket. Thank you very much."

ZENSE scoured the globe in search of the highest quality dried Lavender flowers for your weighted blanket.

We bring you the highest quality blends sourced from exotic lands and bordered by rich ocean shores.

30 Day Unconditional No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee 🤝

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