Turn Your Shower Into A Home Spa

Our top selling Aromatherapy shower diffusers turn your shower time into a soothing, enticing and pleasurable spa experience.

Introducing Australia’s #1 Aromatherapy Shower Diffuser. Made with 100% natural therapeutic essential oils, our shower pods will transport you to paradise. Let us set the mood for you and allow you to start your day on a fantastic, calm and serene note.

Each of our unique Zense Shower kits come with 3 ethereal essential oil blends that will last you up to 8 showers. Our pods are incredibly easy to install and will never leave any oily residue on your skin.

Do yourself a favour and elevate your mind, body and spirit in the comfort of your own home today – you deserve it.

How it Works:

Insert the Zense Aromatherapy shower diffuser shower arm to your shower head. Secure by locking the clamp so that it snaps onto the attachment clip.

Insert your Zense aromatherapy shower pod and turn clockwise until it is mounted and secure.

Simply turn on the shower water and tilt the pod into the stream of water. Your zense pod will start diffusing rejuvenating essential oils that will take your shower to the next level of paradise!

Paraben Free
100% Natural
Nothing Artificial
No Animal Testing
Sustainably Made

Carl Nathaniel - Verified Buyer

10 June 2020


"Wife loves it"

"Bought this as a random gift for my wife and she just loves it. Says that it makes her showers a real “spa experience” without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Now the only problem is I have to use the other bathroom because she’s in the shower for so long! Haha!"

Sau Leng - Verified Buyer

3 June 2020


"Bang for your buck"

"Initially I thought the pods were small, but they seem to last for AGES! I am very impressed with the product and it was delivered very quickly. Will definitely buy again."

Elsa Lee - Verified Buyer

3 June 2020


"Soooo calming!!"

"I have never heard of shower diffusers but my sister got me this for my birthday and wow! They are so calming and I can’t believe I have been showering without these for my entire life! Definitely recommend it!!!"

Crystal Thomas - Verified Buyer

2 June 2020


"Worth every dollar"

"I don’t know why but sleep has always been a challenge for me…well, challenge no more thanks to Zense sleep patches. They are worth every dollar and more. Started working on my first day of using them, very very impressed."

Andrea Walsh - Verified Buyer

2 June 2020


"Very good, will buy again"

"I literally feel my stress melting away as I’m having a shower. Not slippery, not sticky, just perfect for morning and evening showers. Love it.."

Greta Hancock - Verified Buyer

1 June 2020


"Essential Oil lover!"

"I have loved essential oils for years and now I get to have them in the shower – love it!! Customer service was excellent and also very prompt delivery. My shower is now a paradise, so good!."

ZENSE scoured the globe in search of the best essential oils for our shower diffusers.

We bring you the highest quality blends sourced from exotic lands and bordered by rich ocean shores.

30 Day Unconditional No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee 🤝

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